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Flex & Gig Staffing

Flex & Gig Staffing

Leverage Marriott’s preferred national staffing providers to gain access to volume discounted rates.

Temporary Staffing

Talent Point has partnered with leading hospitality industry temporary staffing providers to provide temporary staff at a volume discount with on-demand turnaround and superior quality service.

Has 11 offices in 5 states 

Coverage throughout 90 markets

Serving cities in CA, AZ, UT, TN, FL and CO

Presence in more than 600 markets throughout North America

Support in AL, GA, LA, FL, TN and IN

Presence in FL, NYC, NJ, CA, and TX

120 Office locations across the United States

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Work & Travel Program. Bring students in for three months to help cover staffing needs during peak seasons.

Preferred Staffing Provider in Canada.

Gig Staffing

Companies that connect properties with a staffing network of vetted hospitality professionals through easy-to-use technology platforms.

40+ markets across United States and Canada

Support in hundreds of cities in United States

Note: Gig staffing providers are locally available, talented workers engaged on an independent contractor basis to tackle jobs in many different industries.