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Associate Alert Devices – Staff Safety

Associate Alert Devices – Staff Safety

Per Marriott’s brand standards, all franchised hotels in the U.S. and Canada shall develop and implement a security plan for the hotel and hotel associates, including equipping certain associates with an associate alert device. Associate alert devices must meet or exceed standards required by local law and the following minimum criteria. Effective Date: January 1, 2024.

Franchise Hotels are not required, but highly encouraged to select one of the three preferred vendors through Talent Point – AT&T, Assa Abloy and Relay. Marriott Brand Standard:

  • Hotels must provide associate alert devices, at a minimum, to individuals (whether employed by the hotel or third parties) that frequently work in areas of the hotel that may put them in direct, one-on-one contact with a guest in enclosed areas 
  • Associate alert device system must have geolocation capability to locate an associate, minimally, within a 5-meter horizontal plane
  • Geolocation coverage must include, but is not limited to, the following areas: Guest rooms, guest room floor service landings, guest room floor housekeeping storage closets, spa treatments rooms and public restrooms 
  • System must  NOT actively track associates, but only report the location after a device activation.
  • Associate alert devices are part of the associate uniform and must be worn by the associate when they are provided to them by the hotel 
  • Franchise hotels are responsible for creating their own local standards for inventory, maintenance, testing, training and response requirements
  • Franchise hotels should consult with their own legal counsel and advisors to ensure compliance with applicable law

Our Preferred Vendors

Franchise hotels have the option to select any vendor of their choice that meets or exceeds the brand standard requirements. We evaluated over 20 vendors as potential preferred vendors, AT&T, Assa Abloy and Relay best meet our safety needs, contract terms, pricing and system architecture and have gained our trust. They also worked with us to create custom solutions based on our associates’ feedback.