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Leverage Marriott International’s Proven Vendor
We’ve teamed up with PeopleScout to offer a fixed price full cycle recruiting service for managemen positions. Franchisees get to leverage Marriott’s proven Talent Acquisition model and vendor.

PeopleScout and Marriott
PeopleScout has managed Marriott’s Recuirting Services for over 10 years.
-Over 55,000 hires for Marriott’s managed properties last year.
-More than 1.5M new hospitality candidates sourced annually

How Is This Different?
The model provides a full cycle recruiting process allowing the Recruiter to work with the Hiring Manager until the hire is made and new associate starts their position. The previous model only delivered a slate of qualified candidates to the Hiring Manager.

Typical Use Cases
Hard to fill disciplines, new hotel openings, portfolio expansion growth, challenging hotel locations, or just supplemental support for your talent acquisition team.

-Partner with an experienced recruiter who is accountable for your sourcing plan and hire.
-Leverage custom sourcing strategies, recruiting tools and our national database of candidates.
-Save money spent on job postings, internal sourcing, screening countless resumes, and scheduling.

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